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Our mission is simple…helping people to reach new levels of personal and professional success. As part of the John Maxwell Team, our philosophy is built upon a foundation of excellence which is based on belief, attitude and competence in helping others to realize their true potential and life purpose.

The Winning Minds Group offers keynote presentations, corporate training packages inclusive of on-site presentations, new hire training, and individualized coaching and consulting for high level executive and leadership teams. Each module is designed with your business in mind, focusing on individual and future innovative growth.

Our seminars and speaking engagements are powerful, engaging and life changing! Our purpose is to INSPIRE people to reach new levels of thinking, to explore new ways of doing and to uncover one’s true life purpose. Our teachings EQUIP people with the proper tools and techniques that are applicable and relevant in today’s fast-paced world. Finally, our events EMPOWER you to take charge of your journey of life and to seek thanksgiving and in everything you do.




Life Changing! Our events create a unique setting in which self-discovery and growth are made possible. With live instruction, interactive teachings and one-on-one coaching our seminars are highly sought after and thoroughly enjoyed. Our seminars are the catalyst for change – transforming the lives of those who seek balance, joy, peace and victory in this journey of LIFE!

Positively Powerful, Motivating & Inspirational! The Winning Minds Group specializes in custom corporate training and keynote presentations for any event, convention or conference. Highly engaging and influential, Matt De La Cruz presents powerful and applicable information to help people reach their full potential. Learn More

Defining Pivotal Moment for Positive Change! Matt De La Cruz leads one-on-one coaching as well as corporate group coaching. Through a 3 or 6 month MasterMind process, Matt helps to uncover one’s true purpose in life and keeps them accountable along the way. His highly inspirational teachings are taught, reinforced and made accountable for positive steps towards personal growth. Learn More


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